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Beautiful Places

East Africa is one of the most beautiful areas of the world. Wildlife, landscapes, beaches – all are breathtaking.

Diverse Destinations

Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. National parks, mountains, beaches. Touristic or local places. You can discover all.

Various Activities

Wildlife safaris, walking, trekking, mountain climbing, sightseeing, beaching.

Suittailored Offers

In our private tours itinerary, programs, hotels etc. can be all suittailored to your needs.

Flexible dates

You can start your trip at any date. Our tours are available all year round.

Responsible Travel

We are a responsible tour operator. We do care about environment and local people.

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3 days in Masai Mara

3-day private safari in Africa's best national park searching for the Big 5

3 days in Tsavo

3-day private safari in Tsavo, the best safari destination from Mombasa

Classic Kenya 7 days

7-day safari program to Kenya's most popular and most famous national parks

Comfort Shared Safari 3 days

2 nights in Masai Mara in an affordable way for comfort lovers

Shared Safari 3 days

3-day shared safari to Masai Mara, the best national park in Africa

Shared Safari 4 days

4-day joining safari to Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru  

Shared Safari 6 days

6-day joining safari to Masai Mara, Amboseli and Lake Nakuru

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3 days in Tsavo

Many thanks to Happy Africa Tours for the life changing experience and the unforgettable memories. This was a great safari! We will come back, that's for sure. 😉
Timea & Gellért

3 days in Tsavo

Jambo Jambo Igy az oldalon keresztül is szeretnénk köszönetet mondani azért a sok segitségért amit az utazás elött és alatt kaptunk és persze a privát Szafariért is! Nem szeretnék untatni senkit azzal hogy sokat irok de rövidebben nem lehet. 2017.02.08.-02.22.-között
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Responsible Travel

Do you travel to learn about the world, to discover hidden places and to spend time with the locals? Do you care about the environment and want the people living in your chosen destination to benefit more from your visit?

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