Travel tips

Kenyan electricity network is of 240V/50Hz and the socket-outlets are of UK type. (For more info visit here.) We advise you to bring your adapter if you need one. However do not worry if you forgot yours, as international adapters are easy to find in the country (e.g. in electrical equipment shops and supermarkets). Some hotels can also provide you

Kenya’s official currency is Kenyan shilling (KSH or KES). In some places USD is also accepted or even required (like in national parks or hotels). As a general rule we recommend you to use the currency that is given for the price (to avoid loss in the exchange rates). Many currencies (EUR, USD, GBP etc.) are changed in the

Country code in Kenya is 254. If you want to call a Kenyan number from another Kenyan number, you dial 0 before you dial the phone number (e.g. 0789 123 456). If you want to call a Kenyan number from your home (international) number, you dial +254 first (e.g. +254 789 123 456). (You can

Post offices are available in cities and bigger rural towns as well. However postal services are not very reliable, especially for foreign shipments, so we recommend to use them only in important cases. On the other hand, you do not necessarily need to go to a post office if you want to send a postcard

In general time in Kenya and Tanzania is UTC/GMT+3 all year-round. Daylight saving time (DST) – i.e. adjusting the clocks forward by one hour in spring till the end of summer – is not in use. Note: UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time, while GMT is the abbreviation for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Kenya is a tipping country, i.e. tips are regarded as essential means of supplementing income and are of great significance for those working in many sectors (incl. tourism). So if you are satisfied with the services during your trip – even if tipping is not a common practice in your home country –, feel free

Travelling has lots of advantages. On the other hand, it also has a significant – and often harmful – effects on the environment and the local society. Certainly, our impact on the environment is usually higher when we travel. We can live consciously at home, but we often pay less attention when we are on

For citizens from most countries tourist visa is required. It costs USD 50 or EUR 40 and it is valid for 90 days. Tourist visa can be bought online. (Visa upon arrival – at the border – no longer available since Jan 1, 2021.) Depending on your nationality, to enter any of the East African countries,

Due to the risk of possible stomach upsets, we advise you to avoid drinking tap water, diluted fruit juices and adding ice (made of tap water) to any drinks. Please check with the vendor before drinking. Instead of drinking tap water you should rather: boil water before drinking it (if you have possibilities) or use