Traveling is great. It makes you relaxed and helps you to escape from the busy every-days. Travel means adventures, new perspectives, new languages, new friends.  When you travel you discover beautiful places, and you can learn about culture, history and traditions of your destination.

However, preparing for your travel can sometimes be very tiresome. You have to gather information about the location, the things to do, the places you should visit, where to stay  and you have to book everything: hotels, guides, transport. It is much easier and comfortable to travel with the support of a professional team who do all these jobs for you. However, you need to choose your travel service provider deliberately, so that you surely get what you want and you surely have your dream holiday.

And why should you choose us and travel with us? We have great many reasons…


We can take you to beautiful places

Ok, this is not a very big deal here as Kenya and Tanzania are beautiful. East Africa is one of the most beautiful areas of the world. Wildlife is amazing and landscapes and beaches are breathtaking. Masai Mara was named the best national park in Africa for five consecutive years and Diani Beach has been the best beach in Africa for years. So you cannot really make a big mistake once you decided to come to this side of the world… 🙂

However,  we can help you to find the best program so that you visit the areas and have the programs that fit your interests – and budget – the most.

Are  you interested in big five or great migration? Then you should definitely head for Masai Mara or Serengeti. However there are many other national parks that offer great variety of wildlife. There are even some where you can find specialties that are not found anywhere else. It is easy to find which is the best for you with us. We know all areas. We know what kind of wildlife you can find there, which season is the best to go and if it is safe to go there.

Whatever your expectations are we will find the best solution for you and we will make sure that you have a great and memorable holiday.


Wide range of services are waiting for you

Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar has a lot to offer. You will surely find the activities that suits you the most:

  • Discover the beautiful nature and wildlife in an unforgettable wildlife safari or game drive.
  • Have a city break or a short stop in and around Nairobi, Mombasa, Arusha and Zanzibar and discover the area with one of our lovely day trips.
  • Relax by the beach in beautiful coastal areas of Diani, Malindi, Watamu or Zanzibar.
  • Stay in friendly locals’ homes to have a real and memorable experience of the local life.
  • Discover East Africa on foot: walk or trek through breathtaking areas or climb one of Africa’s highest peaks.

Or why do not you combine several or have them all in one unforgettable holiday of your lifetime? 😉


Diverse destinations to be discovered

With Happy Africa Tours you can discover the best places all over Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar:

  • Masai Mara, Samburu, Tsavo, Amboseli, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire – beautiful national parks for amazing wildlife and landscapes;
  • Naivasha, Nakuru, Lake Magadi, Lake Natron, Lake Manyara – lovely lakes with beautiful views and diverse fauna;
  • Quiet and remote areas or busy cities like Nairobi, Mombasa, Arusha;
  • Endless or more private beaches all covered with snow-white sand and palm trees by the Indian Ocean.


All private tours can be personalized to suit your individual needs

You can find the most popular itineraries and day trips on our website. However these itineraries are mostly suggestions and all can be suittailored to your needs by choosing the most suitable accommodation, the type of transportation and the guiding language.

Besides, if these pre-defined itineraries do not meet your expectations, we are more than happy to make a personalized tour offer for you. Shall it either a pre-defined itinerary be changed or you need a brand new program, let us know and we will help you to find the best available options for you.


You can start at any date

Either you choose a private program or a shared group safari, you do not need to adapt to our calendar, you can start on any day. All our tours and day trips start every day (or at any day you wish so). Though early booking is recommended for shared (joining group) tours and peak season, to ensure all the needed services are available.


Travel in small groups

In private tours it is only you – and your friends or family with whom you are traveling – in the car. You do not have to share with unknown people. The maximum number of people in the car is eight people, but we rather recommend six people in a car.

In shared (joining group) tours you will share the car with others. However even in these tours the maximum number of passengers in one car is seven.


Booking is easy

If you want to booking a shared (joining group) tour, just fill the form on the page and wait for our confirmation.
If you want to book a private tour or a day trip, send us an email with the most important details. We will contact you in a short time so that we can discuss further about your needs and plans. It takes time to create a personalized tour offer, so make sure you contact us well in time before your planned trip. It is even better to contact us before you buy your flight tickets, so that there are no limitations in dates when creating your personalized program.


A professional team is helping you

In Happy Africa Tours a team of professionals will help you to plan and prepare for your tour. During your trip experienced driver-guides will make sure you travel safely and experience the most during your trip.

Our travel consultant has years of experience of traveling, so she knows what travelers really need. Moreover she has a deep knowledge of all our destinations, as she visited them personally several times. In case she needs more information to answer your question, there is a whole team of experienced driver-guides and tour guides who can help her out.

We work with local driver-guides and tour guides, who have many years of experience in making safaris all around Kenya and Tanzania. They have all the knowledge and capabilities to make your holiday to be a memorable vacation. Our driver-guides are not afraid of driving the whole day in search of the Big 5 and with a bit of luck you will be able to experience a lot.


We have local background

As being East Africans (or living in East Africa for years) we have local background and deep knowledge of the region. On the other hand, as being frequent travelers and having the experience of traveling around the world, we are more focused on travelers’ needs and we know what travelers are looking for.

As a result we can show you East Africa in a very special way, combining our local knowledge with travelers’ experiences. We will take you to the best places but we will pay attention on the small details too.

We work with locals not only because we want to help local people, but because we believe that they know their country and our destinations the most. With their deep knowledge of the country, history and culture, they can make your holiday the most memorable.


We are a responsible tour operator

Do you feel responsible for the environment or those who are in need? We do too. Responsible travel is not only a buzzword for us, we take it seriously. We already do a lot to make the world to travel more responsibly, and we plan more.

If you have never heard about responsible travel before, visit here and learn more about this way of traveling.
The world needs more responsible travelers, be one of them.


In summary

If you:

  • are ready for a great holiday and to visit amazing places…
  • want to experience wildlife and see breathtaking landscapes…
  • wish to discover East Africa in an authentic but safely way…
  • feel responsible and think the help of and contact with local people can make your holiday more memorable…
  • do not want to waste your time with organizing your holiday…
  • hate traveling around alone but fed up with big travel groups…

… travel with us and let’s discover the beauty of East Africa together!