Changes in entry requirements (Jan 2021)
Changes in entry requirements - Happy Africa Tours

Please note that there were changes recently in the entry requirements for Kenya. 

Information for those coming to Kenya

Online visa is obligatory from Jan 1, 2021

Visas cannot be bought upon arrival at the border anymore. You should buy your visa online before departure. For more info and link to online visa application visit our Travel Tips on Visa requirements.

Changes in PCR testing from Jan 11, 2021 

From Jan 11, 2021 all inbound and outbound travelers need to digitally authenticate and verify their COVID-19 certificates in line with the Trusted Travel Initiative (TT). 

Before coming to Kenya: 

  1. Visit and check for the nearest authorized laboratory.*
  2. Go to the chosen authorized laboratory and take an RT COVID-19 PCR test with Trusted Travel Code. 
  3. You will receive SMS and email with a link to guide you to generate a Travel Code.
  4. If the test result meets the entry requirements of Kenya and your destination, you will get a Trusted Travel Code (TT) online.
  5.  Officials may ask for the Travel Code upon arrival. 

* If you are visiting Kenya from a country not included in the Trusted Travel Initiative, you can get your PCR test anywhere and generate a Travel Code on


For those who want to leave Kenya

In case you want to leave Kenya and your destination requires a PCR test, you will also need to have a PCR certificate with Trusted Travel Code. All official laboratories in Kenya are authorized and you can get TT your PCR online as described above.


Detail Travel Guide re. authorization of PCR tests

The detailed Travel Guide regarding authorization of PCR tests for both inbound and outbound travelers can be downloaded here