Happy Africa Tours is a family-run holiday company based in Kenya. We are specialized in private tours and holiday programs – safaris, day trips, climbing tours and beach holidays – for individual and small group travelers (e.g. friends and families) all over Kenya and Tanzania.
Beside private tours, we also offer a few shared safaris for those who are on a lower budget but still do not want to miss the amazing wildlife of these beautiful countries.

With years of experiences in the tourism industry we made our company in early 2015 with the aim to show all the beauty and hospitality of East Africa. We all are enthusiastic about the region and we want to show you the best of it. We love wildlife and can spend hours in the bush watching the same herds of elephant, giraffes or antelopes living their daily life.
We believe in responsible and slow tourism and we are committed to environmental protection and to help the needy. We organize our tours in this spirit. We understand that you want to make the most of your short holiday, but instead of ticking only the must-sees we want you to collect real experiences and unforgettable memories.

We work with local driver-guides, who have many years of experience in making safaris all around Kenya and Tanzania. They have all the knowledge and capabilities to make your holiday to be a memorable vacation. Our driver-guides are not afraid of driving the whole day in search of the Big 5 and with a bit of luck you will be able to experience a lot.

We believe that our local roots and the way of travelling we do, is the best way to discover the amazing wildlife and the cultural heritage of East Africa in an authentic but safely way with the help of professionals. We hope that once you travelled with us, you wish to come back again. And you will tell your friends to come too. 🙂

Travel with us and let’s discover the beauty of East Africa together.