As a responsible travel company, we comply with responsible travel principles in our daily operations. In other words, we pay attention to the environmental, economic and social impacts of our activities. We seek to minimize negative impacts and enhance positive impacts.
For instance, we always pay fair amounts to all our employees and partners, and we always pay on time. We work with local partners and we use locally owned accommodations. We pay utmost attention to the wildlife during our safaris and we avoid unnecessary disturbance of the animals. Furthermore, we do our best to reduce our environmental footprint by managing administrative processes electronically and making conscious decisions on waste. We also support local communities and those who are in need.

In addition, we also encourage you to consider responsible travel principles when travelling. Therefore, we have gathered the most important information about responsible travel as follows: 

Moreover, if you wanna join us in making the world more sustainable and making travelling more responsible, you can also find tips to follow during your travel.


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