Phone and Internet

Phone and Internet
  • Country code in Kenya is 254.
  • If you want to call a Kenyan number from another Kenyan number, you dial 0 before you dial the phone number (e.g. 0789 123 456). If you want to call a Kenyan number from your home (international) number, you dial +254 first (e.g. +254 789 123 456). (You can make local calls using the country code as well, but in such case no need for dialling ‘0’, i.e. you need to dial +254 789 123 456.)
  • Mobile networks (3 operators: Safaricom, Telkom and Airtel) are available all over the country, however reception can be very weak or even non-existing in some areas, mostly in rural villages and national parks.
  • Please check roaming possibilities and charges with your local operator.
  • You can also buy Kenyan pre-paid SIM card. It costs around 1 USD and easy to get. You can buy them either in operators’ shops or at small street vendors. You will need your passport and fill in a form with some basic personal data (name, date of birth, passport number etc.).
  • In general – if you want to buy a Kenyan SIM – Airtel has the best offers, but Safaricom’s network has the most widespread coverage – especially in rural areas – all around the country.
  • Local SIM cards can be used for either local or international calls or for internet, and it is easy to top up for further use.
  • Internet cafes and wifi zones are available in many places and most of our hotels offer free wifi as well.