Travel More Responsibly

Travel More Responsibly

Travelling has lots of advantages. On the other hand, it also has a significant – and often harmful – effects on the environment and the local society. Certainly, our impact on the environment is usually higher when we travel. We can live consciously at home, but we often pay less attention when we are on the move. Mass tourism practices are also abusing local communities and care less about the well-being of the local people.

However – as a traveller – you can reduce the negative effects. Moreover you can induce positive changes by making your travel decisions more responsibly. Some of the steps you can take to travel more responsibly are as follows:

  • consider the environmental, social and economical effects of your travel;
  • choose your destination deliberately;
  • use a responsible, local tour operator;
  • prepare consciously for your travel;
  • respect the culture and customs of your destination;
  • travel in small groups;
  • use the services of local people and locally owned undertakings;
  • stay in independent, locally owned accommodation (and avoid using the hotels of big, international chains);
  • give back to the local community;
  • share your experiences and promote responsible travel.

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