• Due to the risk of possible stomach upsets, we advise you to avoid drinking tap water, diluted fruit juices and adding ice (made of tap water) to any drinks. Please check with the vendor before drinking. Instead of drinking tap water you should rather:
    • boil water before drinking it (if you have possibilities) or
    • use tablets or other means to purify water (Aquaguard to purify water is available in all supermarkets and pharmacies) or
    • buy bottles of mineral water (cost around 100 KSH/1.5 litres) or
    • you can buy purified water in big (ten-liter) reusable containers too.
  • In some camps in the national parks water – for bathing – can be limited and hot water can be available only during limited periods of the day (morning and evening).
  • In beach hotels tap water can be salty, so you might not be able to drink it (even if you use purifier) and you might need to use bottled water for brushing your teeth as well.
  • Wherever you are in Kenya or Tanzania please consider the environment and avoid excessive usage of water.