The Kenyan Ministry of Tourism has updated the list of countries from where travelers are exempted from quarantine.  According to the updated list a 14-day quarantine is mandatory (at their own cost) for all travelers from the following countries: Brunei, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand. Travelers from these countries are required to: have a

Please note that there were changes recently in the entry requirements for Kenya.  Information for those coming to Kenya Online visa is obligatory from Jan 1, 2021 Visas cannot be bought upon arrival at the border anymore. You should buy your visa online before departure. For more info and link to online visa application visit

Last updated: Sept 30, 2020. Based on official and non-official sources we compiled the currently available information on the COVID measures in Kenya and conditions of traveling to the country. The information is valid as stated below. However the situation can change any time, so before booking and boarding on your flight, please contact the

As part of tourism you – as a traveller – can have a significant effect by making your travel decisions more responsibly, e.g. considering environmental, social and economical effects of your travel, choosing your destination deliberately or using a responsible tour operator. 1. Be prepared for your travel Choose your destination deliberately and get an

The Mountain Bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus isaaci) is an endangered tragelaphine antelope sub-species that is endemic to Kenya. Specifically found in four ranges: Aberdare ranges, Mount Kenya, Eburu and Mau Forests. Interesting facts about the Mountain Bongo The Mountain Bongo is the largest, heaviest and most colorful African forest antelope. It has an auburn or chestnut

The introduction of new banknotes – in consistency with the 2010 Constitution  –  was announced on May 31, 2019 in Kenya. The so called New Generation Banknotes will circulate alongside the older (previously issued and not yet withdrawn) banknotes. However, the older one-thousand-shilling notes will be withdrawn as from Oct 1, 2019 and cease to

The use, manufacture and importation of all (single-use) plastic bags are banned in Kenya since Aug 28, 2017. This means that all plastic carrier bags – regardless of their thickness or color – used as secondary packages are prohibited. The only exemptions are industrial primary packaging and bags that are clearly labeled. Plastic sheets (used

Travelling has lots of advantages. On the other hand, it also has a significant – and often harmful – effects on the environment and the local society. Certainly, our impact on the environment is usually higher when we travel. We can live consciously at home, but we often pay less attention when we are on

Unesco World Heritage sites in Kenya: Lake Turkana National Parks (1997) Mount Kenya National Park/Natural Forest (1997) Lamu Old Town (2001) Sacred Mijikenda Kaya Forests (2008) Fort Jesus, Mombasa (2011) Kenya Lake System in the Great Rift Valley (2011) Thimlich Ohinga Archaeological Site (2018) Must see:                  Masai Mara Amboseli Tsavo Area Lake Naivasha Samburu Mt Kenya Should see:   Nairobi National Park

Due to the risk of possible stomach upsets, we advise you to avoid drinking tap water, diluted fruit juices and adding ice (made of tap water) to any drinks. Please check with the vendor before drinking. Instead of drinking tap water you should rather: boil water before drinking it (if you have possibilities) or use